Goldemberg v. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.


Case No. 7:13-cv-3073-NSR-LMS

If you are a Class Member, you can object to the settlement if you do not like any part of it and the Court will consider your views. To object, you must file an objection with the Court saying that you object to the settlement in Goldemberg v. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc., 7:13-cv-3073. The written objection must include: (a) a heading which refers to the Action; (b) your name, address, telephone number, and, if represented by counsel, your counsel’s information; (c) a statement that you purchased one or more Covered Products during the Class Period; (d) a statement whether you intend to appear at the Final Approval Hearing, either in person or through counsel; (e) a statement of the objection and the grounds supporting the objection; (f) copies of any papers, briefs, or other documents upon which the objection is based; (g) the name and case number of all objections to class action settlements made by you and/or your counsel in the past five (5) years; and (h) your signature. This objection must be filed with the Court and served on Class Counsel no later than September 27, 2017. Send your objection to:

Clerk of the Court
United States District Court
Southern District of New York
300 Quarropas Street
White Plains, NY 10601

Todd S. Garber
Finkelstein, Blankinship, Frei-Pearson & Garber, LLP
445 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 605
White Plains, NY 10601
(914) 298-3281

Kim E. Richman
Richman Law Group
81 Prospect Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(212) 687-8291

Harold P. Weinberger
Kramer, Levin, Naftalis & Frankel, LLP
1177 Avenue of The Americas
New York, NY 10036
(212) 715-9132

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